Conditionally use VStack in iOS 13 or LazyVStack in iOS 14

July 01, 2020

WWDC2020 offered a new suite of Views, one interesting one is LazyVStack which allow us to delay the initialization of some content only when needed. Unfortunately it’s only available in iOS 14. What if you still want to offer an app that support iOS 13?

You can easily achieve this by creating your own wrapper. Here’s how we can offer either a VStack in iOS 13 and the new shiny LazyVStack in iOS 14:

public struct MyVStack<Content>: View where Content : View {

  let content: () -> Content
  let alignment: HorizontalAlignment
  let spacing: CGFloat?

  public init(alignment: HorizontalAlignment = .center, spacing: CGFloat? = nil, @ViewBuilder content: @escaping () -> Content) {
    self.content = content
    self.alignment = alignment
    self.spacing = spacing

  @ViewBuilder public var body: some View {
      if #available(iOS 14.0, *) {
          LazyVStack(alignment: alignment, spacing: spacing, content: self.content)
      } else {
          VStack(alignment: alignment, spacing: spacing, content: self.content)

With this quick trick, we now can use MyVStack following the same API as Apple provides us. We still have the ability to adjust the horizontal adjustment, the spacing and to pass the content in a similar shape.

Of course, this isn’t limited to VStack and LazyVStack. We could extend this to HStack and his LazyHStack counter part.

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